Belt Test for June

Wednesday, June 10:
4:30 – High Little Champions Test
5:30-6:10 – Regular Class for Intermediate & Up
6:30 – Family TKD Test

Thursday, June 11:
4:30 – Little Champions Kids Test
5:30 – Beginners Test
6:30 – Intermediate & Up Test

Friday, June 12:
No classes

Saturday, June 13:
10:00 – All Belts Make-Up Test
11:00 – CAP Team Training
1:30 – Summer Open House (Info attached)

A few notes about belt tests:
– Formal occasions such as belt tests require formal uniforms. No t-shirts please.
– Please turn in your testing form and payment before your testing date to allow Master Kim time to prepare.
– Cameras are welcome. This is a milestone to be proud of, so feel free to take pictures as long as you don’t disrupt the class. Master Kim likes to have copies of any great shots you get too!
– You are welcome to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Again, this is a happy time to be celebrated.
-If you are a new student and not ready to test yet, you do not have to attend the test. There are no regular classes on testing dates unless otherwise specified. You are, however, more than welcome to attend as a spectator if you wish.