The following is a collection of testimonials from our students and their families.

“World Champion TKD Academy has given our entire family an activity where we can all be participants and learn and grow as a family. From our now 5 year old daughter, to her 8 year old brother up to mom and dad, we have enjoyed growing in a variety of ways. Tae Kwon Do has improved all of our physical fitness levels including flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination, and strength. Master Kim’s teachings have helped our children develop self-discipline and respect not only for their master, but also for their parents and their peers as well as themselves. He stresses the importance of family values, the necessity of success in academics, the value of good health, and how success in Tae Kwon Do can never be achieved without all of the aforementioned occurring. We have also made good friends through our WCTA experience and consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of Master Kim’s Tae Kwon Do family.”

–Leigh Kischke

“Exceptional and extraordinary are just two words that describe Grand Master Jong Woon Kim. As a National and World Taekwondo Champion, he teaches the sport and discipline of Taekwondo with a passionate exuberance that is amazing to watch. Our daughter’s enrollment in Master Kim’s Academy two years ago was the beginning of a unique and rewarding experience for her which continues to this day. We are truly fortunate to have such a talented and gifted instructor here in northeast Ohio to teach both children and adults the wonderful sport of Taekwondo.”

–Dennis and Robin Lager

“Our children have studied TKD with Master Kim for over two years. Under Master Kim’s guidance our grade-schooler and teen have learned to set goals and challenge themselves to meet those goals. They have also developed self-confidence and leadership skills while staying fit.”

–The Kincaid Family

“Most of the time I don’t like organized athletics, but TKD with Master Kim is fun. I try to attend every available class. The schedule is flexible and allows me to belong to other activities.”

–Jeremiah, age 13

“Our son was a underweight small for his age boy. Our initial purpose for taking him to Taekwondo was to encourage him to eat more, to sleep better, and to build a strong body through this practice. After some class training, my son started following Master Kim to competitions. We realized that our little boy had the potential to become a young athlete. We thought he was so very lucky that he met such a high level coach (Master Kim was world and Korean national champion, who also has a master’s degree in TaeKwonDo). Our little athlete has been practicing Taekwondo for three years. In this year at his school’s show and tell, he presented 12 Gold, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze Medal and a Grand Champion’s trophy. Some of his Gold Medals he won in Ohio State Championships, and a Grand Champion Trophy came from the Great Lakes Tournament which included four states and Canada. Now he is looking forward to going with Master Kim to Nationals and Internationals. Taekwondo class not only built our son’s strong body, but also developed his confidence, obedience, and focus. We are so thankful that he met Master Kim; we are very proud that he is a TKD kid. Furthermore, we appreciate that we are part of the WCTA family.”

–Li Yang

Our family wandered into World Champion TKD Academy on the plaza’s Halloween Celebration Day two years ago with my 4 year old son dressed as Batman. That day he received more than just a piece of candy and a pamphlet. Little did we know at the time, that day he received a role model, a “home away from home”, a goal, and lots of FUN! Upon meeting Master Kim, my son was instantly entranced. Master Kim is highly trained, disciplined, and has an amazing relationship with students. Our clumsy 4 year old quickly used balancing skills to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, strength training to run faster, and confidence to try new things. Teachers commented on his improved focus and we still continually receive compliments from educators, friends, relatives, and even strangers about his manners, respect, and awareness. Master Kim is a role model that we feel our son is blessed to have in his life. The TKD Academy is more than just a “class.” TKD training takes a lot of time as it is year-round. This has truly been our “home away from home” as the children and families create a bond of support, encouragement, pride, and friendship. Our son even insisted on having his 6th Birthday Party at the dojang. Master Kim made the day unforgettable and some of his friends even signed up to join the Academy. In fact, my husband couldn’t resist joining too! It has been wonderful for the two of them to bond over a shared activity…and my son can’t help but love “training” my husband since he is a higher belt than Daddy. When filling out an “About Me” sheet for school, one question was “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My son’s answer was instantly “I want to be a black belt in Taekwondo like Master Kim.” I have no doubt that with Master Kim’s training, he will achieve his goal…and most importantly have FUN getting there.

–The Marks Family