Class Information

We offer a wide variety of classes ranging from pre-K to Adult and Family classes. All new students at World Champion TKD Academy start with a trial program designed to give them a chance to observe classes, speak with the instructor, and find out about the benefits of Taekwondo training. Trial programs also include a free lesson, which allows both children and adults to learn at their own pace and to receive a thorough orientation before making a commitment for ongoing classes.

The trial program is currently $39 for a two week trial. This includes 2 classes per week after the initial meeting with our instructors.

Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the Head Master in order to be promoted to the next belt.

General Guidelines & Policies for Class Schedules

  1. Important Events : All Important events are dated and listed on top of the class schedule. These events are subject to change.
  2. Class Etiquette : To demonstrate respect, discipline and courtesy, please come to class at least 10 minutes early. While students wait, they are to sit on the mat and stretch without talking out loud. High level students (Yellow & up) should report to instructors and find ways to assist on the floor if they arrive early.
  3. CAP Team : Sparring Team special programs are separate from our regular classes and are by invitation only.
  4. Sparring : Sparring is part of the curriculum for belts green through black. For your safety and optimal training, please purchase official WCTA gear (ask a WCTA representative for more information). When we have sparring classes, sparring equipment is mandatory for safety. You may wear official WCTA T-Shirts for sparring classes.
  5. Little Champions Program : Children ages 5 and under require more attention, and a program designed specifically for their young minds. We strongly recommend anyone around 4 – 5 years of age to take advantage of our Little Champions Program. They will have fun while learning our systematic approach to taekwondo. (parents participation is allowed)
  6. Age & Level : High level students can always join junior belt classes. Junior belts must get permission from our masters before entering higher level classes.  In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend that you take at least two classes per week. Feel free to make up classes when you miss assigned days.
  7. Absent notice : If you will not attend class for 1 week or more, please notify the office.
  8. Belt Test : A student is ready to test for their next belt when they have earned all of their required stripes.  Colored belts require 3 stripes.  Black Belts require 5 stripes or more depending on rank.
  9. Schedule subject to change without notice.
  10. Taking two classes in one day is not allowed without master’s permission.
  11. WCTA will be closed when schools are closed due to the weather.
  12. Tae Kwon Do classes are not held on test days, ceremony days and special event day.
  13. Please make an appointment for birthday parties, private lessons, and trial lessons.