Belt Testing

April 5th-8th-Belt Promotion Test Dates (No classes)
Wednesday, 4/5 Testing-
            4:30 PM: Rookie Champion
            5:30 PM: Black Belt Step test
            6:30 PM: Family and Adult TKD test
Thursday, 4/6 Testing-
            4:30 PM: Little Champion kids Test
            5:30 PM: All Beginner TKD test
            6:30 PM: All Intermediate and up Test
Friday, 4/7 Testing- No class
            No make-up class
Saturday, 4/8 Make up test day
            10:00 AM: All Belts Make- Up Test
            11:00 AM: Demo Team Practice
            12:00 PM: CAP Team Practice
Please remember to wear the full uniform for testing dates: T-shirts are fine for regular class but special events such as testing require the proper uniform.


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